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 How it Works is a site specially created so that companies in the sector will have their own room, make their exclusive products be known and get new customers.

You will have your own promos channel, a ´Luxury Outlet´which will not only support your business but also your website all together with your company´ promos.

By means of Luxerama you will have all of these advantages:

  • Costs controlling
  • Advertising for your company
  • Visits turned into sales: with only one sale achieved by means of Luxerama, your investment will have shown to be worth it
  • Thanks to these promos, your target will be sooner found
  • The customers are international
  • We support your business by increasing your sales
  • We strenghten viral marketing; your business will be on everyone´s mouth
  • Each promo enhances both your business´ growth on the net and its influence on the search engines